From the start, consultation is integrative.

A thorough psychiatric consultation includes more than just a discussion of what you are feeling. For instance there are many physical illnesses that can mimic symptoms such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Our medical doctors are thoroughly trained to understand what is happening in your body, no matter what might be causing your symptoms. Sometimes, undiagnosed illnesses such as diabetes, acid reflux, or thyroid issues, or the treatments of conditions, such as hypertension, lupus, or cancer, can cause profound changes in the human mind.

At Midwest Integrative, our physicians are specialists because they are trained in considering all factors that can effect a human being, regardless of what causes symptoms. We appreciate that often the mind and the body are not separate. We will listen to you.

Listening to you helps us to determine what to do next. Sometimes, consultation involves obtaining and interpreting laboratory values, such as hormone levels, blood chemistries, and even imaging or additional diagnostic studies to determine what and where in your body the issues at hand may exist. Other times, consultation involves recommendations to reduce current medications, not to just add more and hope the problems will go away. And yet at other times, different kinds of therapies will be recommended.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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