Professional Services


Psychotherapy, or talking therapy, ranges in frequency, form and function.

For some, psychotherapy is an exploration of your past while working toward an understanding of integrating patterns of older behavior with present-day concerns. 

However, for many, psychotherapy can be focused only on the present to optimize the future, whether that may be focused on supporting you through your stress, or helping you to learn strategies and behaviors to minimize stress in your future.

Our physicians are also trained in psychotherapy, because you may decide to see someone who is able to also prescribe medications, but also because you may simply wish to see the person with whom you consult.

We will tailor the appropriate therapy to your needs, and we will listen to your wishes for treatment, and know that your needs may change with time.

Medication management

For some, treatment with your current therapist has not been enough to help you.

While frustrating, this is not a failure of you or your therapy, but rather a sign that more help may be necessary. Following a consultation, we can collaborate with you and with your therapist to optimize your treatment. 

There are many newer medication treatments and treatment strategies which can be life-changing. Plus, its often helpful to have a second opinion.

When you see one of our physicians, you will have at least a half an hour appointment to discuss all aspects of your care. We don't rush things, and at the same time we appreciate the urgency of your needs.

Dietary Therapy

Often, people forget that the human body is exposed to and regulated by the nutrients, chemicals, and products which it consumes. Dietary therapy is an important component of overall wellness.

At Midwest Integrative Behavioral Health, we strive to utilize the growing body of medical evidence to guide you to a healthful way of daily eating and wellness. We don't believe in fad diets or gimmicks. We do believe that overall physical and emotional wellness can be collaboratively enhanced by the foods that you learn to prepare and eat, and the foods that you avoid as much as possible.

We collaborate with nutritionists, personal shoppers, and clean-food preparation specialists to not only tell you what you should be eating, but who can show you how you really can be selecting, preparting, eating and enjoying foods that help you to feel excellent. We will work with you to design a treatment plan to meet your needs and lifestyle.

Exercise Therapy

Like our integrative approach, we believe great exercise combines physical challenge with mental focus, whether it be weight training, running marathons, playing tennis, or practicing yoga. An increasing body of scientific evidence also supports our philosophy.

We will help you find exercise that is right for you.

Psychologic Testing

We work with a network of skilled clinicians who are able to provide further testing for some diagnostic considerations. When indicated, we can advise you at the time of consultation, or further in treatment, if these tests are indicated.